Explained: How F-16 Jets Can Reshape Ukraine's Aerial Battlefield

Defined: How F-16 Jets Can Reshape Ukraine’s Aerial Battlefield

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Eight pilots and 65 help personnel are within the first levels of studying learn how to function the F-16.

As U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine arrive at coaching centres in america and Europe, Kyiv’s allies hope the trendy plane can push Russian planes farther from the frontlines, goal radar transmitters extra successfully and search out extra cruise missiles.

Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhnyi stated in November that F-16s shall be “much less useful” now than they’d have been a yr in the past as a result of Russia has had time to enhance its air defences.

However they’ll assist deal with an issue that has persevered from the beginning of the invasion in February 2022: Russia’s extra trendy fight plane have been tough for Ukraine’s army to counter with its ageing fighters.

Reuters examined technical paperwork and spoke to eight army specialists, together with former F-16 trainers and pilots, concerning the jets’ capabilities, limitations and the affect they may have on the battle in Ukraine.

Western army officers and specialists say including F-16s to Ukraine’s fleet won’t abruptly change the course of the battle. Coaching pilots and help crews take time, surface-to-air missiles stay a serious menace, and the jets are usually not designed for Ukraine’s broken and generally makeshift runways.

However they’re an enchancment on the closest equal Ukraine has – the Soviet-designed MiG-29 – and, in the long term, will assist Kyiv combine with Western army allies and break free from reliance on ageing {hardware} constructed by its enemy.

“It locks Ukraine onto a technological path that NATO is at present on,” stated Robert Farley, a professor on the College of Kentucky who makes a speciality of army affairs and airpower. “What Ukraine has now could be a lifeless finish; It is not going anyplace. If you wish to have an Air Drive in 10 years, it’ll need to be F-16s or one thing related.”

The Impression

The fighters will substitute Ukraine’s strained and thinning fleet of MiG-29s, Su-24s and Su-25s, jets that got here of age within the depths of the Chilly Conflict.

Ukraine has discovered novel methods to combine Western weapons into these plane. F-16s will permit Ukraine’s army to squeeze extra efficiency out of such programs, stated Brynn Tannehill, a former U.S. Navy pilot who helped practice U.S. Air Drive F-16 pilots.

One instance is the AIM-120 Superior Medium-Vary Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM), which Ukraine makes use of in a ground-launched anti-air position now, and which can quickly be offered for air-to-air use.

The AMRAAM C and D fashions heading to Ukraine can assault targets past visible vary, however extra importantly, they’re “hearth and overlook”: if the pilot has to interrupt the radar lock with a goal, the missile’s onboard radar will information it. Even when there are not any dogfights over the entrance strains, Ukrainian pilots can search out cruise missiles extra successfully.


Greater than 4,600 F-16s have been manufactured and offered to greater than two dozen international locations in many various configurations. Lockheed Martin declined to touch upon the particular capabilities of the plane being despatched to Ukraine.

Because it was launched within the late Seventies, the F-16 has been upgraded to carry out many missions. By the Gulf Conflict in 1990, F-16s have been flying common ground-attack missions with missiles, bombs and anti-radar weapons.

Though the MiG-29 can do some rudimentary air-to-ground missions, it isn’t made for the duty, stated Peter Layton, a visiting fellow on the Griffith Asia Institute and former Royal Australian Air Drive officer.

“They each began out as a light-weight day fighter, however as a result of Western ideas developed… (the F-16) step by step developed right into a multirole fighter able to doing extra superior air defence missions in addition to floor assault,” Layton stated.

The F-16 can carry extra weapons than the MiG-29, Su-27 and Su-25, and roughly as a lot as Ukraine’s tactical bomber, the Su-24. The variations being despatched to Ukraine most probably have an upgraded model of the AN/APG-66 radar, stated Kelly Grieco, a senior fellow on the Stimson Middle. It will possibly maintain tabs on targets on the air and floor, with an air-to-air vary previous 100km.

Russian plane can spot Ukraine’s MiG-29s “a lot additional away than the Ukrainians can spot Russian plane,” Grieco stated. The extra highly effective F-16 radars will scale back the radar drawback however “won’t shut it,” she stated.

F-16s, and Western plane generally, are usually extra pilot-friendly, with intuitive controls and shows that permit fliers to maintain their heads up, Tannehill added, calling MiG-29 and Su-27 cockpits “hopelessly old-fashioned”.

The Challenges

MiG-29s, and lots of Soviet-era fighter designs, have been meant to function in poor runway circumstances, and have shutters that drop down over their air intakes to forestall the engines from sucking in particles when the airplane is on the bottom. The F-16’s underslung consumption doesn’t have such protections, and it isn’t meant to function in austere circumstances, Grieco stated.

“The F-16 is form of a treasured plane, it is fragile,” she stated. “It is an plane that wants an extended runway, and the runway is easy. However they’re in an atmosphere the place (Ukrainian pilots) have been doing distributed operations…This isn’t an plane that may try this.”

To compensate, Ukrainian forces should carry out cautious sweeps of runway surfaces, a difficult proposition amid a battle.

Coaching sufficient pilots and help crew to function the brand new fleet will take many months.

Eight pilots and 65 help personnel are within the first levels of studying learn how to function the F-16 in Denmark; others are in Arizona and the southeastern Romanian city of Fetesti.

Though the precise variety of plane has not been disclosed, it’s anticipated to be within the dozens, specialists stated.

For inexperienced pilots, step one is familiarization with the brand new plane on the bottom and in a classroom. These components, plus simulator time, will final about three weeks, stated Layton, who transitioned from P-3B maritime patrol plane to F-111 bombers throughout his profession. The following step is to ease into flying over the subsequent month.

After primary daytime flying has met instructors’ expectations, college students would transfer into night-time, dangerous climate and instrument flying, which “is much more technical”.

Air fight would come subsequent, with six to eight weeks of instruction. Air-to-ground coaching would final one other two months, he stated. After primary instruction, U.S. and NATO pilots spend months studying learn how to perform extra specialised missions.

“It is not sufficient simply to coach them to do the fundamentals if you wish to get essentially the most out of these plane. You are going to have to coach them to do the advanced stuff,” Tannehill stated, akin to coordinating with floor models or flying multi-aircraft missions.

Even for skilled pilots, studying new programs could be powerful, Grieco stated.

“For those who speak to fighter pilots, they discuss muscle reminiscence: ‘I’ve to have the ability to do one thing the place I do not suppose, the place’s the button?’ she stated. “These are individuals who have break up seconds to make choices.”

Language might be a problem for fliers with out a lot English expertise. “A number of” pilots and dozens of upkeep personnel are getting language instruction earlier than coaching in america, the Pentagon has stated.

Spare components, manuals and provides for the F-16s needs to be plentiful, and the jet remains to be in manufacturing, Farley stated. Solely about 1,600 MiG-29s have been ever produced, and the plane are on their method out even in Russia, in response to a Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) report in 2020.

Nicely-trained upkeep crews are essential, as maintaining F-16s within the battle would require common work-perhaps greater than normal if they’re working in tough circumstances.

Soren Sorenson, a former Danish F-16 pilot, stated upkeep wants would imply every plane could be flyable 25%-50% of the time. Layton estimated that every jet would require about 20 upkeep hours between flights and that each day, about 25 of each 40 could be able to fly.

The Weapons

In 2022, america started supplying Ukraine with AGM-88 Excessive-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM), a weapon designed to dwelling in on and destroy enemy radar programs. Launched within the Nineteen Eighties, it was by no means meant for use with something apart from Western plane. However by attaching a U.S. weapons pylon to a Ukrainian pylon, the missile was made to work.

It made a fast affect, catching Russian radar operators off guard and forcing them, for the primary time within the battle, to watch out about when and the place they operated, Tannehill stated. Nevertheless, the HARMs needed to be programmed on the bottom to fly to sure coordinates. If there was nothing to lock onto once they arrived, the missiles landed harmlessly.

With the F-16, “you possibly can dynamically program them in flight. The HARM, you should utilize the total potential as a result of you possibly can change the directions,” she stated.

F-16s additionally permit Ukraine to improve its air-to-air capabilities, Layton stated. Ukraine’s radar-guided air-to-air missile stock is centred on the R-27 mannequin – launched within the early Nineteen Eighties. It makes use of “semi-active radar” steering, during which the launch plane’s sensors information it to the goal.

Against this, the fire-and-forget AMRAAM and its longer vary – the U.S. Air Drive lists it as “greater than 20 miles” and Ukraine Air Drive spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat stated it may hit targets 160km away – might imply Russian plane can not shoot at Ukrainian planes with impunity.

The Future

Ihnat stated he didn’t count on the jets to function in Ukraine till 2024.

“We won’t win the battle instantly, however the F-16 is able to altering the course of occasions,” he stated in August.

Russia has warned towards delivering F-16s to Ukraine, with its ambassador to Denmark saying in August that doing so could be “an escalation of the battle”.

Crucial results, Tannehill stated, could be evident not in months, however in years.

“The F-16s are most likely going to be essential to proceed to have a viable air power going ahead,” she stated. “It is making ready for a future with NATO, it is modernizing… it is an infusion of contemporary airframes. And that is going to be necessary.”

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